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Car Dealership Marketing

In the past, if you owned a car dealership and wanted to reach out to customers through a marketing campaign, you probably made a quirky TV commercial to entice potential customers, and it’s highly likely it worked. Unfortunately, times have changed. With the growth of the internet, car dealership marketing now involves having a full-scale digital marketing plan so that you can compete against other dealerships.

Today, you are dealing with potential buyers who have a deep knowledge base right in their hands — using a smartphone, someone looking for a new car can do comparison shopping while standing on your lot! Comparisons relating to price, model, make and accident history are just a few searches away. To compete, you must have an awesome website and outrank your competitors on Google.

Creating an Authoritative Website

Are you still using an old website hoping to attract customers? Do you even have a presence on the web so that you can gain new customers?

Having a website that’s truly appealing and designed based on the user’s tastes is one of the main ways that you can make your dealership stand out. This is your only chance to make a great first impression as most car shoppers will search the internet before heading to a car dealership. Statistics show that 59 percent of car shoppers spend time on the internet conducting research before they buy.

Website Tools for Car Dealership Marketing

There are various ways to create an auto dealership website that customers will enjoy and find informative. Visuals are an excellent way to grab attention and educate your buyers.

You can use infographics, online video commercials and high-quality images of your inventory to attract attention. You could even consider using live chat with a designated online salesperson.

We can help you create a stunning website that directs people to your dealership, informs them what they want to know, and ultimately turns them into a lead.

Functionality On All Platforms

One of the characteristics that your website must have is a smooth functionality on all types of platforms — smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Some older websites were coded so that they just look good on a PC. However, with the introduction of smaller devices, it means that the old coding needed to be changed to conform to these new types of platforms.

If you fail to appeal to the people using these platforms when doing marketing – you’re going to miss out on a huge number of sales – as more than 53 percent of people searching for automobiles on the internet use a mobile device.

Beating The Competition On Google

Are you being outranked by competitors on the internet? If your website isn’t in one of the top positions (or at least on the first page of results) when someone is conducting a search, your site is unlikely to receive many visitors. Statistics indicate that about 75 percent of individuals stay on the first page when they are conducting a search.

One of the key elements in building a top-notch website is the implementation of search engine optimization, which is also known as SEO. This is partly done by inserting specific keywords throughout the content on each page of your website.

This aspect is a key element of car dealership marketing. It builds the foundation for your website so that Google understands what your site is about. It lets Google know that they can send a specific type of potential customers your way.

When someone searches for “2018 Dodge Challenger Texas,” it’s likely they have the intention to make a purchase. It’s imperative that you direct them to your sales funnel.

When proper SEO techniques are used, you increase your chances of successfully converting a lead into a sale. The standards, techniques and best practices of SEO will change regularly, at the least every few years. We stay on top of the newest trends and changes so that our clients maintain high rankings in Google.

Generating A Constant Flow Of New Customers

You can generate leads to your website in many different ways — through social media sites, using pay per click advertising or SEO. If you aren’t keeping a constant flow of new customers coming to your website, you will be missing out on sales. Are you happy with your constant flow of incoming leads?

A large portion of searches on the internet is done by using organic search. These are the non-paid listings that your website can rank for. Many people have a tendency to click on these searches rather than paid search listings. That’s why it’s so important to rank for these searches.

There is good news. 82 percent of people who used SEO for their marketing found that it was one of the most effective ways of generating leads.

Measuring Your Data

One of the benefits of utilizing SEO for your car dealership marketing is that its progress can be measured. If you see certain keywords bring in a large amount of traffic, you can build new web pages to focus on those keywords. This provides value to your customers and also looks good in the eyes of Google as they aim to send people to sites that are rich in high-quality and relevant content.

ZeroBull Marketing Can Help You!

To compete in today’s digital landscape, you can see how important it is to use a modern, stunning website with additional features. If you own a car dealership and want to have an edge over the competition, it’s imperative that you have a website that provides high value. You don’t want to be the only one in your industry that lacks a strong online marketing campaign.

We can give you the online marketing edge that pushes you above your competition so that it takes less work to generate leads and creates sales. Contact us today so that we can put you in the driver’s seat to online marketing success.

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