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Doing your automotive website design on your own can be problematic. The automotive industry didn’t always need to leverage their website much in order to be visible. A simple, One-page, website was once enough. The days of passing out flyers and sending out mail packages are dwindling away.

Getting the leads you want requires that you fit the digital mold. Your buyers, they want to check out where you are, what you have or how you operate first before they have to take a visit. They have the right to. The internet gives them a few privileges that you might, at first, consider as working against you. But this is your opportunity. What you need is the right Auto Shop Website Design.

Not just pretty looks

Having a pretty slick looking website, won’t be enough in today’s day and age. Web design was once about colors and graphics, how your design looked, as opposed to function and time. Times have changed since. The consumer wants to spend little of their precious lives looking at your content. Though that might seem like it’s contrary to the work of web design, first impressions mean everything.

Mobile Responsiveness: We thought technology had stopped, yet as it keeps growing, watches are now connecting to the internet. How your readers are finding you isn’t the only important thing. What has greater weight is how your website is adjusting. You have tablets, cellphones, laptops and desktop computers to consider. Your site should also render on these devices.

Breathability: No one likes to read content if they have to try too hard. Take it from us; what seems like a simple science is a complicated art. Don’t take chances by leaving out important data in an attempt to “keep it spacious.” Your automotive marketing has to find a balance between content and design. We know how to calibrate that for you.

Branding: Any effective auto shop website design has to sell.  Automotive website design takes into account all of the tricks of the digital trade and leverages them for Dealerships, Car Salesmen, Automotive Repair Shops or any kind of Automotive business.

Why the Facts Matter and What they Mean

Understanding how the consumer thinks is pivotal to your success. We’re ultimately working to build their trust, retain their attention and to secure their approval. Let’s consider the following to see how your leads are likely to behave at the sight of great web design:

  • Almost-40 Percent: Your readers will quickly recognize an unattractive site at first glance. Leaving these webpages is easy for the reader to do, and this will happen if the website isn’t perfect.
  • 3 Seconds or Less: The loading speed of your webpages may seem like something out of your control. The reality is that we can work to keep the loading time down. Google has clocked bounce rates at 3 seconds for when a website doesn’t load.
  • Contact: Even when you lack a “contact page,” viewers are likely to think that you lack legitimacy. There are many such things to consider that only dsa professional can tell you about.
  • 82 Percent Prefer Content: Most online readers expect a website to create their own content. Research has revealed it. Readers have a “sixth sense” for when a website lacks sincerity.

ZeroBull is your No BS Marketing Solution

Being unable to show your “best side” online—has its repercussions. There’s an active market on the web, and with the help of marketing professionals, you can show up right in front of potential customers. If your website is outdated, then today is when you can turn things around.

Start with our website audit and get us to take a quick look! Your website is precious real estate, and we can increase its value in the market.

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