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21 Jan

Tips for your Auto Repair Business On Social Media

The auto repair industry gambles strongly on word-of-mouth advertising. Unfortunately, a business can’t survive just on that alone in our competitive times. Auto repair business owners have to step up their marketing game and use the latest strategies to gain more customers. Social media is a great way to market your auto repair business online […]

Having the SEO as a foundation for your website is a long-term strategy. You will eventually dominate the search engines if the correct mix of optimization has been used.
10 Jul

Business is slow, how can I attract more clients?

Why you need online marketing now more than ever if you are in the Paintless Dent Repair & Auto Industry It is normal to wonder where you might be going wrong when you’ve tried doing everything within your power to retain and expand your customer base; without having any success. If you’re in such a […]

PPC vs Organic SEO - Should I Do Google Adwords or SEO For My Body Shop?
11 Apr

Should I Do Google Adwords or SEO For My Body Shop?

This is a question that we get very often from business owners in the auto repair world, who for some reason, feel that they need to choose between doing SEO OR a pay-per-click campaign like Google Adwords or Yelp. The reality is that a combination of both is almost always a good idea. Here’s why; […]

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