Is SEO important for your automotive marketing strategy?

Brian Gomez - December 9, 2019 - SEO
SEO for car dealerships

One of the most effective ways successful car dealers gain business is through their search engine optimization (SEO). Good SEO will allow you to get more quality visitors to your website faster and cheaper. This can lead to more test drives and more sales. Without good SEO, a car dealership is simply invisible online.


So what makes for a poor car dealership SEO?

Let’s start with the lack of knowledge about what keywords to use. A keyword is a way for potential customers to discover a car dealership online. Most car dealerships don’t know what keywords to use. Hence, they will waste thousands of dollars a month on keywords that simply don’t lead to website visitors. Next, most dealership websites have poor SEO on their pages and blog articles. Poor SEO pages on a website will not allow it to rank number 1 for important keyword phrases. These pages are doomed to be outranked by their competitors. Finally, too many car dealerships have outdated websites that make the site seem untrustworthy. In an age where reserve lots of time and money to creating a premier website, a car dealership can simply not afford to design a “half-hearted” website.

The good news is that there is a simple solution to creating a powerful automotive marketing SEO. At ZeroBull Marketing, we have years of experience in SEO and marketing for auto businesses. Through years of testing, we have figured out what SEO methods work best for car dealership websites.

So what type of marketing auto industry services do we offer?

Here’s how we can help you create powerful car dealership websites?

Day to Day Online marketing Management – The number one complaint that car dealerships have is that they simply don’t have the time to keep up with their own website. This is simply not acceptable in today’s competitive work of automotive marketing. At ZeroBull Marketing, we can handle every aspect of your online presence from social media management to pay-per-click campaigns and SEO management of your website.

Website Design – Your dealership website is the first point of contact for serious prospects. Quite simply, people who come to your site are most likely to schedule a test drive. We can create a site that looks professional and makes it easier for people to schedule a test drive. We understand how to create a clean, easy to navigate site that leads to more sales.

Pay Per Click Campaigns – Get more visitors to your site for less. We have years of experience finding the right keyword phrases and creating clickable ads that will bring quality traffic to your site.

Social Media Management – Your online reputation matters. Our team will help curate your social media pages, manage your reviews and make your dealership look like the best choice in your region.

Give your dealership a competitive edge today. Contact us today for our marketing for auto businesses service today. We are your marketing auto industry specialists.

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