Facebook Ads

What? Facebook ads?

Roughly two-billion people have active accounts on Facebook right now! Online marketing is taking the world by storm, but very few business owners realize that it is such a useful tool.  They are slowly seeing the potential. Considering that 2.23 billion people log in to the platform every month, we don’t blame them.

The Promise of Facebook Ads and Why it Matters

Consumers are always active, commonly searching for their wants to learn about new products within the Social Network. Facebook, right from the start, promises a few basic features after your automotive Facebook ads are live. We’ll take a look at some of them right here:

When People are Guaranteed: Hunting for people is somewhat of an oxymoron on Facebook. The people are there. You’ll either engage with them or choose not to. Facebook guarantees that your auto shop Facebook ads are put in front of your leads. Don’t worry about searching for them. It’s OK if you don’t have the time to look for buyers. Simple tools can give us the right people, can identify them by name and then send ads directly to them.

When the Cost is Low: Engagement is what we’re after, for with it, we can ensure that your leads don’t cost much. When your car buyers are engaged with your content, they will cost less than pennies. Managing cost is important when advertising, and your budget remains intact due to our work.

When the Results are Measurable: What makes the latest car Facebook ads effective are the site’s analytics. Let’s say that you run into some trouble once your ad goes live. The feedback that we get from the site will help. It tells us how to adjust our campaigns in order to get the results that you need.

The Facebook Ads Facts

The world has changed, but that fact isn’t enough to lead us into the right decisions. There’s a substantial cloud of statistics that prove how important Facebook ads are, so let’s start with the following:

  • 1.1-Billion-English Speakers: The good news with Facebook is that your consumer base has no end to it. You can reach new faces every day if that’s your aim.
  • Over 50 Percent in Daily Use: Roughly 67-percent-of-American accounts will use Facebook every day.
  • An Hour a Day: Over an hour of daily use is achieved by most users. The highest-traffic days are Fridays and weekends.
  • 78 Percent will Buy: Out of the existing-American accounts, roughly 80 percent of them will buy products that are advertised on the site.
  • Increased by 21 Percent: The site’s 21-percent-impressions increase is a new increase in the amount of engagement that Facebook ads get.

Where the Transformation Begins …

People have to know that you exist before they can choose you over the others.

Business owners don’t like seeing dealerships on Facebook when their own shops are getting ignored. An effective Facebook Ad will also require an updated website, so be ready for a full overhaul. Making the right change through technology can seem confusing but The billions-of-active accounts, the easy access to them and the comfort that people have with buying online are good reasons to Trust Zerobull to curate your Facebook Ads.

Your automotive shop needs an upgrade, and Facebook could spur the business you seek.

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