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The Complications of SEO Now Made Simple

SEO is simple. Your target customers are using search engines to find service providers in your local area. The way to get in front of these customers, and is through what’s called SEO (search engine optimization). It’s a process of optimizing your site and building links to your site in order to rank higher in the search results for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. For example, if your page is optimized for the keyword “Automotive Repair Shop Marketing” properly, your site would be more likely to show up in the top results when a person enters that search term on their phones and devices. This leads to them clicking to your site, which can help you can then get the customer to book an appointment with you through an online form, or by getting them to call your business phone number. This process is how most people find local businesses these days.

Let’s See Why a Digital Shift is Absolutely Necessary

You might feel the pressure. The need to change is clear for some business owners, but since you might be hesitant about the truth, it’s best to see what the facts have to say. Though search engine optimization changes every year, we can learn quickly how to adapt to the new algorithm updates. Here’s a quick look at some of the stats to remember:

  • 38,000 Every Second: Roughly 30,000 searches will be made into Google for each second that passes by. After seeing a graph of the yearly use of the internet, the constant trend we find is upward. People, which include your buyers, use the web.
  • Ignored by 80 Percent: Organic search continues to capture more traffic than any public option within the market, for 80 percent of all surfers will skip the ads. “Organic” means that you don’t pay for advertising and won’t have to. Online traffic just shows up to your website.
  • Up to Half for Local Search: Being a physical dealer means that you need to rank for the location. By sheer accident, most internet users end up receiving addresses within their daily search results.
  • Keywords are More Flexible: We don’t have to compete against big businesses anymore. What’s now called semantics allows us to rank in a league of our very own.

ZeroBull Marketing has helped many clients build winning SEO campaigns.

We focus on Automotive Marketing and PDR marketing. As a result, we know how the industry works inside and out. We know how to target the right customers, compete with other local businesses, create cost-effective campaigns, and more.

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