Why Marketing is Crucial for Auto Body Shops

Brian Gomez - July 1, 2019 - SEO, Uncategorized, Web Design
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Running a business can be tough financially, and deciding exactly where to allocate your money can be a tough call to make.

When it comes to your automotive marketing, one corner never to cut is on SEO and Digital Marketing. Your marketing resources can make or break you as a company and can help show the world who you are and the services that you offer. If you want to see new customers and greater profit margins, it’s time to make marketing a priority. So why exactly do you need a marketing presence? Here are some things to consider in regards to PDR Marketing as well as Auto Body Shop Marketing.

Showcase Your Work

It’s simple, people want to see what you do. Without a high-quality and functioning website, customers are forced to go into business with you blindly. Without an explicit list of the services you offer, potential customers will be deterred from your shop and will be driven elsewhere. Make sure to include customer testimonials, a list of services, and some before and after shots of vehicles that you have worked on. This will build trust in your brand and will have new customers seeking you out.

Outranked and Out-trafficked

Currently, Google rankings prioritize high-quality websites with helpful content. Without a strong, online presence, your Google rankings will fall. This is a fancy way of saying that you will drop lower and lower on the Google search page while people look for a company. It is incredibly important that you are putting money into your Pay-per-click and Search Engine Optimization. Both of these things will help you to outrank your competitors and will drive more traffic to you, which will result in customer conversions.

An Outdated Website Makes Your Business Look Outdated

Potential clients are looking to see who you are and what you are about when they seek out information from you online. When they search your name and click on a website only to see that it is outdated, it speaks volumes about who you are as a company. It is absolutely crucial for your online web presence to have a current, updated website that is fully optimized and functioning. If a link is broken, a page doesn’t work, or even the view of your website is unpleasant and old, people will notice and you will lose new potential customers. First impressions are everything, and when your first impression is online, it is important to have all of your ducks in a row. Make sure to invest in website development that showcases your brand, and makes it as easy as possible for customers to navigate.

When it comes to PDR marketing, don’t skimp out and lose money to your competitors. Make sure that your Automotive Marketing presence is strong and that you are staying updated on current auto body shop marketing trends in the industry.

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