What is Design, and why is it important?

Brian Gomez - September 18, 2019 - Web Design
Web Design

Design is more than just decoration

If you’re looking to generate leads and customers online, everything starts with building a website and creating an attractive design for your site. The design of your site is important because consumers judge the credibility of your business based on how your website looks. If your website is shoddily designed, consumers see it as a reflection of what to expect from your business.

Online marketing is generating huge returns for many types of businesses, especially locally based small businesses in the automotive industry. In fact, Google reports that businesses see $2 for every $1 spent on local search. What’s more, 47 percent of people visit a company’s website before doing business with them.

What is Design’s Role in Online Marketing?

So how does web design and automotive marketing fit into all of these numbers? Why is proper automotive website design so important to businesses that want to grow with online marketing? Here are three major points to consider:

1. Web Design Has a Huge Impact on Sales

As mentioned above, almost half of consumers go online to check out your auto shop website design before making a buying decision. They want to evaluate your business through your site to see if you look professional and to find additional information about your business. So even if you’re focusing on other marketing mediums and channels, your website will still impact your sales.

You need an attractive design that shows your business is credible. You also want to use your design to showcase the quality of your work or products. Great design isn’t just about looking professional, it’s also about performance. The design has a big role in converting web visitors into leads and sales.

At ZeroBull Marketing, we make sure that your website represents your website professionally. There is a heavy emphasis on establishing credibility and delivering value to your web visitors to create a connection with prospects and customers. We also focus on making sure that your website does a great job in converting the traffic you generate.

2. Poor Design Results in Poor Search Engine Rankings

Did you know that your design has a big impact on your search engine rankings? What’s surprising to many small business owners is that a big part of designing for SEO relies on the code behind your site, its structure, and the content. Simply put, a great automotive website design goes beyond aesthetics.

A lot of our clients’ automotive marketing campaigns focus on local SEO. That’s why we understand how to build and design sites that help you rank highly in the search engines and give you an edge over the competition. Although designing for SEO can be very technical, we have the experience and knowledge to create designs that perform well in the search engines.

3. An Outdated Design Leads to Disconnect with Prospects and Customers

It’s important to make sure that your web design is modern and is updated on a regular basis. Even if you have a functioning design right now, you need to make sure that it is keeping up with trends. For example, your auto shop website design should use a responsive design that is mobile-friendly since many local searches come from mobile phones. Your navigation menu should also be designed for smaller screens and your links should be easy to click with on touchscreens.

We are always on top of the latest trends in online marketing. So if there is a design feature that can help you improve engagement, generate more leads, or bring in more phone calls, you can bet that we’ll implement it right away. It’s important to keep your website updated to stay competitive and appeal to users that are accustomed to certain browsing and web surfing behaviors.

The bottom line is that web design plays a big role in your online marketing success. ZeroBull Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that focuses on helping auto shop businesses to succeed online. We cut through the fluff and focus on generating results for our clients. We’ve helped many businesses in this industry find huge growth from online marketing and we can do the same for you.

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