Should Paint Chip Repair be Done by a Professional?

Brian Gomez - April 30, 2019 - PDR
Car Dent Rust Red

Many people like to complete do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to save on both time and money. However, some projects are less cost-effective in the long term and should be done professionally in order to avoid the hassle that can come with learning a new craft. Although paint is sold by nearly every hardware store, repairing a paint chip is not as simple as spraying paint onto a panel. Hiring professionals will ensure that the repairs are done properly and efficiently.


Paint Chip Repairs

As you continue to drive your car on the road it will begin to accumulate more chips in its paint. This is a result of the loose rocks and debris that can be found on virtually every road across the world. Depending on the impact that the debris had with the paint of your car or the paint protection that you have on your car these paint chips can vary in depth. Though it does not always take a professional to distinguish the severity of the scratches in your vehicle’s paint, a paint professional will be able to gauge how simple your paint will be to fix. Unlike scuff marks that can be buffed out, paint chips typically require additional paint to disappear. A professional will be able to create a shade of paint for the paint chips that will match the existing paint on your car.


Painting a vehicle requires both patience and tools. Often times, for car owners who don’t normally do paint repairs, painting a vehicle requires the purchase of new tools in addition to paint. Depending on the number of paint chips that you have on your vehicle, you may find that it is more cost-effective to hire a professional than to buy your own set of tools for a one-time task.


Not Repairing the Chip

A paint chip that is left for years without being repaired will begin to rust. The rust, though it initially started at the site of the paint chip will then begin to spread throughout the panel of your car. This rusting process can be accelerated by the introduction of dirt, salt, sand, and other minerals to the area.

Professionals can often complete a job faster and better than a person who is attempting to do the job for the first time. The years of expertise that professionals have cannot be replicated and they often know what mistakes to be aware of during the process. Consider having your paint chips repaired by a professional paint technician in order to save yourself the hassle that may come with performing the repair yourself.


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