Online Marketing can really make a difference!

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After being forced to move to a new location, how did we help a local business regain, and then surpass their online presence?

If you’re a retail business owner or manager, you know that a good location can impact your sales immensely. Not only does being in a good location help you with foot traffic, but it also helps you build useful relationships with your local community.

Moving to a new location can have serious impacts on your customer base.

Back in September 2018, we learned that a good friend of ours was practically forced to close his body shop and move to a new location on very short notice. Moving a store is no easy job, but can you imagine moving a whole body shop to a different city, rebranding yourself and trying to rebuild your customer list within a short period of time?  This is precisely what our dear friends of ActiveEuroworks had to endure

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Before going into the details we want to make clear something, we helped Active Euroworks with his online efforts, but his hard, diligent work and awesome team are a big part of their recovery.

What did we do?

Being in a new city, our friends faced a question that hunts all business owners: How do I attract and gain more local customers? We immediately went to work to show the local people of Pflugerville the hard work Mario puts into every customer that walks in his shop. How?

We first and foremost, start by doing a complete Market, Traffic and Competitor analysis. This means we do our research to find how we can get your website to show up in front of people, and offer much more than what your competition offers.

Based on the information we gather, we develop a plan to cover all 5 key aspects of Local Online Marketing:

1. On Page Optimization: If you want to show in Google local searches, you need to make sure that you’re properly optimizing your website with your products, services, hours and that your site is running and loading properly.
2. Local Listings: Make sure that your business information is consistent across relevant Business platforms like Yelp, Google My Business, FaceBook page, Yellow Pages, etc.
3. Content: Having good, engaging content on your website that provides clear and relevant information to your target audience is a key to showing up within rankings.
4. Active link building campaign: Create an active and constant, white hat link building campaign. This is a task where you don’t want to cut corners if you build the incorrect links your site can get penalized by Google.
5. Tracking numbers and contact forms: Most agencies miss this and focus just on rankings. You need to be able to know exactly how many call and contact forms you’re getting as a direct result of your marketing efforts.

**Note: This is the foundation we to

ok based on a detailed Audit of his shop’s Online Presence. We believe a proper foundation is key to deliver long term results, but every plan is tailor-made to the needs of that specific account.  


Online Marketing can really make a difference

What are the results?

Our client was forced to move from Austin, Tx to Pflugerville, Tx. We knew that we wanted to regain our Austin customers, but we first needed to establish Active Euroworks as a local business within Pflugerville before anything else. While we did our research, we found that there was another city nearby named Round Rock that also had potential:

1. Pflugerville, Texas
2. Round Rock, Texas
3. Austin, Texas

This strategy will allow us to build relationships within our new community (Pflugerville), attract new customers from a new city (Round Rock), and regain some of our old customers (Austin).


2019 05 31 14 35 01 375x265 - Online Marketing can really make a difference!
• Within the first month, we were able to rank 4 of his most important search terms on the first page of Google and generated 30 organic visits. This means when people searched for his service, his business is one of the first to show up!
• In 3 months, we had 16 keywords on page one. Most of them for Phlugerville, but we started seeing results for Round Rock and Austin. 56 organic visits.
• By months 6, we had 41 keywords (Phlugerville, Round Rock & Austin) on page 1, 20 on page 2 and almost 136 visits.
• As of May 2019, we have a total of 50 keywords on page 1 and 16 on page 2. With a total of 239 visits per month.

Most importantly, what about calls?

These numbers mean nothing if your phone is not ringing or a possible customer isn’t submitting contact forms through your site.

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• We installed 2 tracking phone numbers, 1 on the phone page and 1 on the contact form.
• On average, received an additional 20 calls per month from both numbers.
• Take into account that our software tracks only new numbers calling, so you can be assured that these are new inquiries.

We’ve helped plenty of Businesses and Active Euroworks is just one example of the attention we give to each and every one of our clients.

We understand that you work hard every day to gain customers. You know that the only way to keep them coming back is to always put your best foot forward. It might seem obvious to experienced business owners, but letting the customer get to know more and more about the services they love makes them feel like a part of the process. If you always present yourself in the best way you can, your customers will keep coming back.

Online Marketing is the best way that your business can reach out into the world and put it’s best foot forward. Put your business’ name in front of the many people who are already searching for your service online with SEO. Show your loyal customers the quality of your work through, Beautiful Website Design with your business’ important information, Customer Reviews about your excellent service, and Updates about important details in your industry through Facebook, Twitter, and many other Social Media Sites.

Trust is important in any industry, and when your customer searches for your services on Google, you need to show them that they can trust you over the competition. With years of experience under our belt working with business owners just like you, we are able to get to know your goals, your brand, and your competition in order to put the customers’ trust, right into your hands.

Want to Schedule a call with us? We’ll give you a free, absolutely NO BS consultation on how we can help you gain quality leads. Give us a call, now!

Let ZeroBull Marketing help create your Brand and Online Image to get you quality leads, today!


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