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Brian Gomez - February 15, 2019 - Social Media
PDR and Auto repair Marketing Instagram Social Media

Is your auto repair business on Instagram?

While most auto industry businesses are now on popular social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, most of them haven’t jumped into trendy social networks like Instagram.
Here’s just one simple reason why we think it’s very important that you give your automotive business a presence on Instagram: there are more than 900 million active monthly users on this network.

Most of these users are millennials who research through marketing channels for car dealerships and auto solutions, making them the perfect target audience for your auto business.

Here are a few innovative Instagram marketing ideas to optimize the impact of your Instagram marketing campaigns that could benefit your auto repair business.

Top 3 Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram Marketing Tip 1: Ads for Leads

On Instagram, business owners can choose between photo, video and carousel ads. Carousel ads will soon be added to Instagram Stories as well, allowing users to add multiple photos or videos.

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, it is possible to create an ad for Instagram and cross promote it on Facebook, so you will be capitalizing on Facebook’s massive user base as well, with no extra effort.

Instagram Marketing Tip 2: Run Campaigns with Exclusivity

There is no better way of showing your Instagram profile followers some extra care than by promoting campaigns that are designed just for them. These marketing campaigns may be special offers, giveaways, or promos.

Make sure that the images or videos used in these campaigns are of the best quality that you can get.

In addition to creating brand-customer loyalty, running Instagram exclusive promotions will also attract even more potential clients for your profile.

Instagram Marketing Tip 3: Make it Fun

Remember, most of Instagram’s user base is comprised of young people. To engage with them, you have to customize your automotive marketing efforts to be fun and youthful. Today’s generation usually doesn’t have the inclination to read through anything they find to be boring, so you have a tiny attention span to deal with.

It is also important to follow back people who follow you. Apart from building better customer relationships, it can even give you deep insights into your customer drivers.

Liking and commenting on the posts of Instagram influencers can be hugely beneficial for your business. If the followers of these personalities find your opinion and content engaging and appealing, they will begin to follow you as well.

For more ideas on better digital marketing for your auto business and to know how ZeroBull Marketing can help you, read our blog or call us today!

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