Facebook Ads for Your Auto Repair Shop

Brian Gomez - November 11, 2019 - Social Media
Facebook Ads for Your Auto Repair Shop

Is your automotive marketing strategy failing you? Are you looking for new cost-effective ways to get in front of prospects? If so, Facebook Ads may be one of the best opportunities available to you. As a leading PDR marketing company, ZeroBull Marketing has helped many business owners in the automotive industry grow using this advertising channel.

Just How Effective are Facebook Ads Anyway?

It’s important to understand that Facebook users are highly engaged with users spending an average of 35 minutes a day on the site. In a survey, 30 percent of marketers reported that Facebook offered the highest ROI. On top of that, Facebook users often find local businesses and like to engage with their favorite brands on the site.

Three Challenges Auto Shop Owners Face

Facebook aside, it seems that many business owners in the industry are facing three big challenges:

#1: Not Being Able to Show the Quality of Your Services

You know you offer a great service compared to your competitors. But what’s the point if you can’t show it? A big part of your auto body shop marketing needs to be focused on selling your work through visuals. This means before and after pictures, videos, customer testimonials, and helpful tips. Your website needs to be the focal point of your auto body shop marketing.

#2: Being Outranked and Out-trafficked by Competitors

Many business owners are often discouraged to roll out an automotive marketing campaign through search engine optimization (SEO). While the search engines generate a large number of targeted visitors, the competition is stiff. It also takes several months to start generating a respectable amount of traffic with SEO. This is not something that auto shop owners want to wait for.

#3: Not Having Updated Websites

Some of our clients have a website but they tend to be severely outdated. Websites today need to be designed to convert visitors into leads, optimized for mobile devices, and built to offer a great user experience. You cannot get away a basic website anymore or you’ll end up losing a lot of business.

The Solution to These Challenges

The solution to these challenges is to start by building and designing a high-quality site. Your website will be the foundation for everything you do with your online marketing, so you need to get it right. Then you want to start investing in Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads allow you to target prospects by location, behavior, demographics, and more. You can also target past customers to generate repeat business.

Facebook Ads can get you generating leads and clients as you work on other online automotive marketing campaigns like SEO and social media marketing. It’s one of the best channels for generating high-quality traffic to your site. However, Facebook Ads can be very technical and competitive which is where we come in.

ZeroBull Marketing is an automotive and PDR Marketing Company that has helped many clients in the industry. We have a lot of experience and expertise when it comes to Facebook ad campaigns, which have helped many clients grow their businesses with this strategy.

Let us help you see the same kind of results. We’re a company that gets straight to the point and focuses on generating results, not promises.

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