Business is slow, how can I attract more clients?

Brian Gomez - July 10, 2018 - PDR, SEO
Having the SEO as a foundation for your website is a long-term strategy. You will eventually dominate the search engines if the correct mix of optimization has been used.

Why you need online marketing now more than ever if you are in the Paintless Dent Repair & Auto Industry

It is normal to wonder where you might be going wrong when you’ve tried doing everything within your power to retain and expand your customer base; without having any success. If you’re in such a predicament, 99.9% of chances are, you are yet to try your hand on auto industry marketing.

E-commerce and PDR marketing

The dynamic world of business is rapidly making a transition into the digital era and now more than ever as an auto business owner you need to embrace what is now known as the information age. Failing to do so places you at the risk of losing valuable clients, as consumers continue to make good use of online resources before making purchases. That means your chances of surviving this ever-changing world of business lies in the ability to quickly embrace and adapt to the technological changes impacting the auto industry. They say the proof is in the numbers and if you still have doubts about the essence of online marketing then check out the statistics below.

Statistics from various surveys

According to results of a study conducted last year, eight in ten Americans now shop for goods and services online while another poll shows that at least 97% of the total population checked online for local businesses before making a purchase. The same study further adds that before making any purchase for a service or good, 85% will consider the reviews left by previous customers and that before making up their mind on whether to place an order 49% of them look for a four-star rating left by other buyers.

Online Sales

Eight out of ten Americans purchase goods and services online and 97% consult local service companies online before making a purchase.

Results from a study conducted by USC Annenberg in 2017 shows significant increases in the number and time that people spend online. For instance, the study reports that the percentage of people accessing the internet from their phones skyrocketed from a mere 23% in 2010 to 84% in 2017. The survey further reports that an average American spends at least five hours of their day online and a minimum of twenty-four hours a week on social media with most of them being on Facebook which currently holds the lead as the most popular social network with close to two billion users.

What does that mean for your auto business?

Web Design and search analyticks

In a layman language, as an auto business owner, the lifeline of your business depends on your online presence.

Nevertheless, Paintless Dent Repair and Auto Industry online marketing are not just about having a physically appealing website or a Facebook page. It is more about attracting the right traffic to your site and converting it to leads. This might sound like a lot of jargon to most people which is why we will explain it to you simply through a rundown of the online marketing perks, the negative impacts of not utilizing SEO and how a PDR marketing company can help you turn failure into a fortune.

The top three benefits of online marketing

1. Helps you address the right market right target market

Unlike traditional forms of marketing such as billboards and TV ads which address the general audience, online marketing lets you target the right group of people. By making use of famed platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, you can effortlessly reach out to your target market and let them know of your existence which means you get to attract the right traffic.

2. Accessible information about consumers’ needs and what your competitors are up to

reach your online marketing goals

Thanks to online marketing you can now keep track of the trends, activities, and behaviors of your target market and your competition in equal measure. That puts you one step ahead as you can now quickly determine what your current and prospective clients expect from you, making it possible to meet and surpass their expectations. At the same time it allows you to keep track of the most effective online auto industry trends and make good use of them, moving your business from the slow to the fast lane.

3. Gives you a more comprehensive market scope and exposure Using SEO will point you in the right direction

In the past, it was impossible for small businesses to gain exposure as they lacked the resources to pay for costly advertisement channels such as TV ads. But since the digital era began taking over, large, medium and small businesses now have leverage on advertising as they are utilizing similar online marketing tools. The difference is in what they do with them. For instance, through proper SEO it is now possible for you to compete with the big sharks in the auto industry and appear at the top of search results. It is no longer about who has what but more of what can you do to improve SEO and convert traffic into leads.

Impacts of not utilizing SEO

Google Logo

Even though change is inevitable, it’s still not easy to adapt to, and you can easily find yourself torn between whether to stick to conventional forms of marketing or to warm up to the digital era. If you find yourself in such a situation, always ponder over the impacts of not utilizing SEO as shown below:

The main impact: disastrous

SEO is the mother of any form of online marketing. Whether you’re using ad banners, guest posting or social media marketing, as long as you don’t optimize your content using the right keywords and other SEO elements, then all your efforts will undoubtedly go to waste as you will always rank on the last pages, and usually your target client won’t browse past the first page. Less clients means less revenue

Also, keep in mind that most businesses are now taking the online path and the traditional face to face form of marketing is almost going extinct as search engines continue to grab a bigger market share. That means most of your Paintless Dent Repair company’s competitors are also utilizing SEO and you not making good use of it spells doom for your auto business.

Additionally, as shown by the stats above, most of your clients are now spending about 50% of their time online with 90% of them making purchases there based on reviews and ratings. You stand a lot of losses and closure of your business by not utilizing SEO. In a nutshell, SEO is more often than not the answer to why business is slow and how you can increase clients.

We will help you do it

The reason why most people cringe at the mention of SEO and are not utilizing it is that they find it a shadowy area that is hard to understand. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it on your own. As a PDR marketing company, ZeroBull Marketing has been here long enough to understand the essence of SEO, the different and upcoming Paintless Dent Repair and Auto Industry marketing trends. That’s why we boast top-shelf experience to help your business rank among the first and topmost results on Google search pages.

PDR marketing will help you reach your goals

For many years ZeroBull Marketing has successfully served myriads of clients in the auto industry and we pride ourselves on a long list of happy clients. Trust us, we will get you results. Furthermore, the fact that we have been serving clients in the auto industry for so long offers us more leverage in the ability to help you as we’re aware of what will get customers running to your site and what will not hence we work by providing nothing but positive results and not just talk without action.

We also boast a team of highly qualified staff who will walk you every step of the way to ensure that you’re updated on what’s happening in the online marketing arena. YOU can now run your business without having to stress on SEO matters as they are handled by experts. This is just but a tip of the iceberg in what we bring to the table so contact us at ZeroBull Marketing today for more information on the variety of services and packages we provide.

Auto Body Shop Marketing

If you’re running an auto body shop, you’ll understand that customers want a solution to their problems. You can’t partially fix their vehicle and expect a good result. The same aspect applies when you are trying to market to potential customers. It’s important for you to have a professional looking website that communicates your expertise in the auto shop industry. Auto body shop marketing design

When someone is searching for an expert to repair their auto body problem, you know that they are in a hurry to get it fixed — your website must stand out if you want your services chosen as the solution. Your site must be optimized so that it ranks high in the search engines for specific keywords — the keywords that people use when they are looking for someone to fix their vehicle.

You want them to see your phone number, a way to schedule service and a list of the repairs and services that you offer. Whether you specialize in tires, transmission repair, collision or full auto repair, it’s important for you to have an optimized site that looks great when people visit and has the optimization to keep a constant flow of new customers coming through. We can help with that.

Your Web Presence Must Be Outstanding

Online Presence

Are you receiving a low number of clients through your website? Is your site lacking features, or is it outdated? Does it work well with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets? If it doesn’t have that professional look that modern websites have, chances are, potential customers are clicking away from your website or not even finding it!

Website design should not be taken lightly. The appearance and functionality of your site will quickly determine if a visitor wants to explore your business or move to the next site. A professional website is an intelligent investment in the future of your business.

1. Mobile Compatibility

Over 50 percent of people browsing the internet are now using mobile devices, and this percentage is increasing every year. Leaving your house, you can see how many individuals have their phone in their hands. They use them to shop, communicate and search. Your auto body shop marketing must be compatible with the current mobile technology. If your site doesn’t work on all platforms — PC, mobile phone, and tablet — you won’t get nearly half the amount of traffic that’s available.

Responsive design

In fact, your site may even be penalized as search engines like Google want to give web searchers a good experience by directing them to websites that provide value. If your site won’t even show up correctly on someone’s phone, Google won’t send traffic your way, and it plays a crucial role as a search engine. It gets around 70 percent of all internet traffic.

You can remedy this by having your site coded so that it opens up perfectly on all devices. Your information will look organized and people will be much more likely to explore the services that you have to offer. Our developers are pros at setting up mobile-friendly sites.

Specific Content Is Crucial

Different aspects of SEO

Creating useful and relevant content for your website is both an art and a part of the science. Your site has to be valuable for your audience and technically sound for search engines. You can stay confident that your site will be optimized for current technical standards by utilizing a professional digital marketing firm. Just like the automotive industry, where new models and technologies are introduced throughout the years, the internet and search engines also have guidelines that must be followed.

Our team stays on top of current trends to ensure that our clients stay on top of the search engine rankings.

Site Speed

Slow Websites

Another quality that can get you penalized is having a website that loads slowly. This is part of Google’s algorithm. Not to mention, with the attention span of today’s modern society, if your site doesn’t load within just a few seconds, you will lose out on potential customers.

This doesn’t have to occur.

Your auto body shop marketing efforts will be seen when you let a web expert finely tune your website. Just like an automobile, a web technician can get under the hood and repair the lines of code that need fixing, or the parts that need improving.

Reinforce Your Brand

Use the right tools

Having a quality website will help reinforce the message of your brand. You must have colors and fonts that match your industry. This will both consciously and subconsciously give people the correct message when they land on your site for the first time.

You want them to trust you and understand what your company is about. When you have a customized website that showcases your business, people are more willing to give you that trust and use your services.

Our web design team has created stunning websites in just about every industry. We can customize a site that perfectly fits your needs.

Beat The Competition

Are you being outranked by competitors? While making sure that your website is modern and up-to-date, you also want to have a strategy in place to ensure that your site is optimized for specific keywords. You can bet that your competitors are working on that. By implementing a sound search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, you can outrank the competition and be the business that people choose when searching for your specialized services.

Keeping Track Of Competitors


Do you regularly keep track of the SEO activities of your competitors? If they are ranking higher than you, there is a reason. If you haven’t fine-tuned your page URL names, title tag structure, keywords used in headings or other aspects that are crucial to SEO activity, it’s like trying to run a car with a clogged fuel line — it just won’t work.

To improve and perfect the auto body shop marketing for your business, specific tools can be used to spy on your competition and understand how they are getting traffic. This gives us insight into the specific keywords that are bringing them traffic. These same keywords can be implemented on your site so that they help you take a piece of the pie, which will help boost your engagement with targeted customers and more importantly, your sales.

Monitoring Competitor Backlinks

One of the aspects that goes into the SEO of your auto body shop website are the backlinks that your site receives from other trusted sites. Google uses this as part of its algorithm when ranking your website. In fact, according to a senior strategist at Google, link building is one of the most important signals used by the search engine to rank your site. If your site is receiving high-quality links from other websites, it will help boost where your site lands on the search engine.

Social Media

If a competitor is outranking your website or specific pages, you will want to understand why they are receiving preferential treatment. It may be due to the backlinks that they have going to their site. You can look at these links and determine which ones are valuable and see if you can get the same link, an equivalent link or one that has even more power.

Our SEO team does that on a daily basis for our clients to maximize their results. The best type of links coming into your website are ones that are relevant to your niche. A link from an auto-related website is much more valuable than a link from a cooking site. Experienced SEO professionals on our team understand how to get the right type of links so that your site can beat out the competition.

Keeping A Constant Flow Of Customers

As a services business, you rely on a constant flow of customers to build your bottom line. If broken automobiles aren’t arriving at your business, you risk letting one of your employees go. Do you currently have too much business or can you handle more? People in your area are constantly using search engines to find the services that you offer.

SEO Gets You Quality Traffic

When you choose to use an online auto body shop marketing campaign, you have the ability to convert someone searching for a service that you offer into a paying customer. You don’t have to advertise, just let us do the work and give you the digital edge a successful company needs.

Long-Term Strategy

Long term search engine strategy

Think of SEO as a foundation for your website. With a strong foundation, you have something to build on. This is a long-term strategy. However, once it has been implemented, it keeps working over and over again, while we improve and adapt it to your needs and the current trends.

The ROI of SEO is one of the highest when compared to other forms of marketing on the internet. While it may take a few months for your website or the keywords on your website to rank in high positions, you will eventually dominate the search engines if the correct mix of optimization has been used. We will provide just that.

Highly Measurable

One of the benefits of using SEO in your marketing plan is that you can measure the number of conversions you make and understand where your conversions are coming from. In addition, you can also measure specific keywords and watch them move up the ranks. You will soon understand which keywords are the most valuable for your auto body business.

Inform Your Customers

Measurable PDR SEO

Your customers will likely use Google to conduct research on their auto body problems. They use what they find out to make a decision based on a number of options. If your website is one of the high-ranking sites, you can become an authority. If you give people the information that they need, it builds trust, and also improves the likelihood of them choosing your service.


More Clicks

While advertising is a good short-term solution, over time, SEO will receive the majority of clicks. Many individuals skip over advertisements and use organic search to locate solutions to their problems when conducting research. When the right type of content is created for your website, the keyword phrases will show up for any customers that are searching for your services. Here at ZeroBull Marketing, we are highly experienced in creating high-quality content, ready to be posted on your behalf.

Many of these organic searches contain four words or more. These are known as long tail keywords. When the right type of content is created for your website, these keyword phrases will show up for any customers that are searching for your services.

We understand the nuances that go into creating this type of content. It’s an important element that can make or break who finds your business. Here at ZeroBull Marketing, we have a team who are highly experienced in creating high-quality content, ready to be posted on your behalf.

Safety And Security

Online Security

When you complete an auto body repair in your shop for a customer, you follow a set of specific guidelines to ensure that your work creates a safe environment. Unfortunately, there are individuals who like to mess with websites and their security. We’ve dealt with that and initiate security measures to keep your data safe and secure.

By using the latest software and web design methods, your site is less likely to get attacked by an automated hack. This helps keep your website up and running so that potential customers can reach your solutions 24/7.


Successful Online Auto Body Shop Marketing

Auto body shop marketing is the real deal. When people visit your website, they are not coming for fun. They are in pain and need to take action. Their cars are having problems, which throws a big monkey wrench into their mode of transportation. They click on your website hoping to find a solution to their pain, provided by your business.

When you add value, engage better with your customers and understand their needs, you will have success with online marketing. Contact us today to discuss our successful marketing campaigns, that will really boost your publicity and in-turn generates more clients. We won’t waste your time, we’ll just provide you with results. Auto Industries We Serve

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